I freaking LOVE this latest page of Manly Guys Doing Manly Things!
You don’t even know.


I freaking LOVE this latest page of Manly Guys Doing Manly Things!

You don’t even know.


Es ist an der zeit…


Es ist an der zeit…


Since Valkari is a bottom heavy character do you have any advice for drawing a character with that body type?

Alright, before I say ANYTHING, I want to say that my advice is NOT absolute and I’m simply stating my view/knowledge on the subject. Don’t use me as a single source, go out and do research beyond what I tell you.

So first off, wherever your character carries most weight of their determines whether your character is top or bottom heavy. This doesn’t necessarily mean fat but if you were to cut your character in the middle horizontally, which half would be larger. Also keep in mind that there isn’t just top and bottom heavy, there can be characters who carry all their weight evenly, or there could be characters who don’t carry much weight at all, people are very diverse.

For the sake of comparison, I’m going to give some examples of top heavy character designs


Top heavy designs usually mean the character carries most of the weight in their shoulders, chest and sometimes the stomach. The third one here isn’t the best example because the weight is pretty evenly distributed though out the torso but the shape I was going for is slightly more top heavy.  The final design is more pushed, and quite a bit different from my usual style, but the combination of the long skinny legs and large torso puts all the weight at the top of this design.


Bottom heavy designs mean that the majority of the weight is in waist (usually more so the stomach on males), hips and thighs, at lot of times all of the legs can be included. I feel its important to understand that bottom heavy doesn’t mean skinny on top and heavy on bottom, and person could be heavy-set and still carry most of their weight on the lower half of their body.

From an anatomy stand-point, it is more likely for women to be bottom heavy because women commonly gain weight in their hips and thighs. BUT despite this women still gain weight in those areas differently. Some women has small hips but large thighs, some have large hips and small thighs, some have large hips and thighs, some have a thick waist and small hips and thighs. So I don’t want to see any cheating and see all your bottom heavy females with the same hips. Here’s a great tutorial that teaches how to “mix and match” your lovely ladies.

Now, while its more common for women to carry weight in the lower halves of their bodies, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a bottom-heavy design for a male character. You can have a skinny ass kid and still have all the weight of his design be at the bottom


That’s right, don’t forget that clothing also encompasses a characters design.

Even still, do your research, look into different body types (LEARN ANATOMY) and bone structures (because fat and muscle will sit differently on different bone structures) and have fun creating diverse characters!


has this been done before or….


Every now and then I need to remind myself of this. We all can be that other person.





This perfectly summarizes why I love the Simpsons and hate Family Guy. 


So this.

I watched that episode with my family and I could just feel how uncomfortable everyone was. Honestly, it was a really jarring, unpleasant episode.

Homer is a terrible dad. So is Peter. But Homer’s saving grace has always been that he tries—he’s bad at it and he fucks it up a lot, but he loves his family and he wants to be better than he is.

One of my favorite Homer moments is in “Diatribe of a Mad Housewife.” Tl;dr Marge writes a steamy romance novel starring herself and Ned, and when Homer finds out, he chases down Ned and, rather than attack him, asks him to teach him how to be a better husband.

There’s some part of his stupid self that wants to do better.

I never got that impression with Peter. Instead, the family has gotten more and more abusive towards Meg. It’s really unsettling for me when I started realizing that’s what happens sometimes in abusive families. Abusers sometimes single out one child to abuse, and quite often the other family members take the abuser’s side. After all, it’s easier to side with an abuser than to run the risk of becoming the target yourself.

There’s never really a point where it seems like Peter cares at all that his shitty behavior impacts his family. It actually seems to have gotten worse over the years. He expects everyone to clean up his messes because that’s always what happens; there’s really no reason for him not to be shitty.

And it’s easy to see how Meg is affected. She doesn’t have much of a character, really, because so much her screen time is devoted to being abused. The bits of character development all seem to hinge on her being this sad, neglected person who’s trying her best but never really gets any help from anyone. Quite the opposite; there have been a lot of episodes where her family sabotages any attempts to be herself.

It can be easy to forget how awful this behavior is when the only context is the show itself (frankly, everyone on Family Guy is kind of terrible). Seeing it played against the Simpsons, who are a flawed and dysfunctional but ultimately loving family, was painful to watch.

And the thing is that so many young men and teenage boys find Family Guy to be the “funniest” show imaginable. They quote it endlessly and go on and on about it because that’s how the show was designed.

But along with all this crude humor they love so much, these boys are taking in normalized emotional, verbal, and physical abuse and domestic violence. All these things are a joke to them. A lot of shows are bad with this, but I think Family Guy is one of the all-time worst. Abuse and domestic violence is nothing more than a punchline. It’s not just a normalized thing in the plotline. It is the literal joke.

Plus all of the two female characters in this show—Meg, Lois—are only punchlines. (Haha insecure teenage girl! Haha hot mom! How original.) Nothing extremely wild and crazy happens to them, unless these wild things show just how “useless” and “silly” they are in the end.  

I hate how abuse is handled in this show. I hate how women are treated in this show. I hate how racist it is. How homophobic it is. How crude it is. How it’s not OFF THE AIR ALREADY. And how obsessed men are with it. And how easy men are taking it all in.  

I hate this show so much. I hate it hate it hate it!!


kinds of pairings i’m all about

  • height differences
  • high contrasting designs like light and dark colors
  • happy one with the grumpy one

bonus points if

  • the grumpy one gets embarrassed by kisses
  • the short one is the grumpy one
  • the happy one’s presence makes the grumpy one really shy



Brendan likes showing Sulla older movies with heroic robot characters. But sometimes he forgets.

OHS resume updates this Thursday.



Inktober 1st! Red pencil, Pentel pocketbrush.
I’m not going to say I’ll definitely do one every day, I’ll just say I’ll do one whenever I have time. The practise is good.


Inktober 1st! Red pencil, Pentel pocketbrush.

I’m not going to say I’ll definitely do one every day, I’ll just say I’ll do one whenever I have time. The practise is good.


what I want to do for halloween:


what I’ll end up doing on halloween: